Sunday, 26 April 2015

Birthday pink cakes and more Minions

This was a Fiftieth for a family Friend 
The 50 sign hasn't photographed well and was nicer than it looks 
Bright pink is her favorite color! 
A Cake I was asked to copy for my moms friend  this is what I created 

She loved it it was her 18th Birthday 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Mr Men and Angry Birds

Lots of Children cakes for my Nephew Birthdays some of these are quite old now as my one nephew is now 6 

This is a Mr men cake 
With lots of characters I have learnt a lot since making this, like the use of proper edible glue and making the figures In advance rather than the day before 

This was the Angry Birds cake for 5th Bird Day ( see what I did there!!)
The kids loved this I added a bird on a spring of wire as though he had just flew off the catapult lots of Characters on here 
I had a list of Birds and Pigs from my Nephew that had to be on the cake. 

That's all for now Happy Baking! 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Evil Minion

A friend of My Brotherhad a Birthday coming up and my Brother asked me to make a cake of an evil minion
Here are my efforts!
 I Made him on a little stand so he would look more realistic
I really like to push my self with each cake too see if i can do it !
Wow was he difficult, It was the middle of summer and the fondant wasn't playing ball
if you can see he was getting all wrinkly Which i tried to hide
Luckily He got to the Party in One piece and survived until they cut him
He stood on two little legs that i covered in Fondant
Two Thick Wood Dowels
and a double layer of wood Board
This was strengthened with Glue and i placed the Cake board on top
He was quite strong as I was sent a picture with a Beer bottle on his head!
I Have had a full and Busy Summer with Cakes for Friends and Family
So more Fondant Fun to come !!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes entertain the Kids !!

Here's is a Selection of cakes that I have made over the years. 
More and more I get asked for Christening and Children's birthday cakes 
Christening Cake from my Cousins son 

Birthday Thomas for one of my Nephews 

And yet another Christening cake for my Nephews

It seems all I do is make boys Cakes 
There are more to come that are a lot more fun!!!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Welcome to Love Birds Cakery

Love Baking Love Cakes
Some where for me to share a little of that love

Here is one of my Christmas Makes
Classic Christmas Cake with a fruit and Nut glazed top
although i did add a twist, With a Layer of Marzipan!!

Loved making and Eating This ;-)