Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Evil Minion

A friend of My Brotherhad a Birthday coming up and my Brother asked me to make a cake of an evil minion
Here are my efforts!
 I Made him on a little stand so he would look more realistic
I really like to push my self with each cake too see if i can do it !
Wow was he difficult, It was the middle of summer and the fondant wasn't playing ball
if you can see he was getting all wrinkly Which i tried to hide
Luckily He got to the Party in One piece and survived until they cut him
He stood on two little legs that i covered in Fondant
Two Thick Wood Dowels
and a double layer of wood Board
This was strengthened with Glue and i placed the Cake board on top
He was quite strong as I was sent a picture with a Beer bottle on his head!
I Have had a full and Busy Summer with Cakes for Friends and Family
So more Fondant Fun to come !!